Patna Law College : Regulations


Under the provisions of the Advocate Act, 1961 the Bar Council of India has prescribed a THREE YEAR LAW COURSE BASED ON SEMESTER SYSTEM. Accordingly, University Grant Commission has revised the syllabus for Three Year Law Course for its implementation.

I. An admitted student is required to undergo a Regular Course of Study and attend required number of classes in each Semester in order to be eligible to appear in the University Examination to be conducted by the University for each of the Six Semesters and fashioned in the following manner:


The Academic Session shall extend from the day of the reopening of the University after summer vacation to the last working day of the concerned Academic Session. The First, Third, Fifth Semesters shall ordinarily extend from the day of reopening of the university after summer vacation to the last week of December as the case may be. The Second, Fourth and Sixth Semester shall ordinarily extend from the first week of May to the last working day of the concerned Academic Year/Commencement of summer vacation.

II. A Student has to take twenty - eight papers (Subjects) in all, which shall include eighteen Compulsory papers, four Clinical Papers and six Optional Papers from among the list of Optional papers and also any additional papers prescribed by the University from time to time.

III. For Honours Course a student has to take thirty-six papers in all, which shall include eighteen Compulsory Papers, four Clinical Papers, six Optional Papers and Eight Papers from any of the group made for Honours Course. In order to secure Honours Degree a student has to pass those additional eight papers. The distribution of those eight papers among the Semester is in the following manner: 1st Semester - One paper, IInd Semester - one paper, Illrd Semester- one paper, IVth Semester - one paper, Vth Semester - two papers & VJth Semester - two papers.

However if eight papers are taken from multiple group Honours can be given in General Law without mentioning any specialization.
Example: "A" has taken eight Honours papers selected as following: two from Constitutional Law, three from Business Law, one from International Law and two from International Trade Law, his Honours shall be in Law, "B" take eight papers from constitutional Law group, his Honours shall be mentioned in constitutional Law.

IV. The Three year course leading to Degree in Law shall be conducted in Semester system in not less than 15 weeks for each Semester with not less than 30 class hours per week including Tutorials, Moot-court room exercise, Written test, Presentation of Project works, Seminars, provided there shall be at least 24 Lecture hours per week. Provided further that in case of Honours Law courses there shall be not less than 36 class hours per week including Tutorials, Moot- court room exercise, written test, presentation of Project works, Seminars and 30 minimum Lecture hour per week.
V .(i) Age of Candidates: The maximum age thirty years for general candidates and thirty five years for S.C, S.T, and O.B.C.
(ii)Student who has been admitted to the Patna Law College shall not be permitted to pursue any other Course such as Master's or Diploma Course simultaneously.

Provided that it is in agreement with the amendments made from time to time by the Bar Council of India regarding the exemption to pursue any other course.


1. As per the directives of the Bar Council of India, instructions shall be imparted and University Examinations shall be conducted Semester wise in the subjects herein after given below.
2. The contents of the Course of Study shall be such as set out in Schedule of this Regulation.
Provided that the Academic Council may make such changes in the contents of the courses of study as and when it deems necessary.