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Programme for LL.B. Sem. IV Exam 2020, Session 2018-21

Registration for Gandhi Fellowship

Regarding FDP/SDP on various courses to be conducted by ST, IIT, Bombay


Practical Paper - Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System (Sem-III) (Supplementary Exam)

Practical Paper - Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing (Sem - V) (Supplementary Exam)

Viva-Voce of 3rd Sem & 5th Sem (Supplementary Exam)

Programme for LL.B. Semester VI Examination 2020, Session 2017-20

MCA Legal Training Program

Programme for Postponed LL.B., Semester-V, Supplementary Exam. 2019, Session 2017-20.

Programme for Postponed LL.B., Semester-III, Supplementary Exam. 2019, Session 2018-21.

Programme for Postponed LL.B., Semester-I, Supplementary Exam. 2019, Session 2019-22.

Notice on 10-08-2020 regarding classes of LL.B. 3rd and 5th Semester.

Regarding information of engagement of LL.B. 3rd and 5th Semester Classesm - Session 2020-21 from 5th August 2020.

Notice regarding covid-19 project.

Information and Application Link regarding vaccancy for Students.

For preparation of practical copy on ADR for Viva-Voce for LL.B. 6th Semester LL.B. Final Year Students

Quotation invitation notice for Printing of Prospectus.

Project:: A New Face of Bihar Police during COVID 19 Pandemic::Role and Challenges So far

NOTICE 14/01/2020

Fine Arts List

Sports Quota List

IQAC Summary Report


Notie for ID card

Submission of Online Registration Fee for the student for current session2018-19